Natural Beauty and Silence

Laurinniemi is located on the border of two provinces just a few kilometers away from North Karelia, in the eastern village of Kaavi, Maarianvaara, Northeastern Savo. Laurinniemi is standing on a hill in Kutusalmi of Saarijärvi's Naamanniemi with a view to the south and the west.

In the closest populated areas, Outokumpu and Polvijärvi, which are about 30 kilometers from Laurinniemi, all the necessary services are available. Twelve kilometers away, in the direction of Polvijärvi, is located the village shop of Hukkala, which will deliver daily consumer goods by consent to Laurinniemi.

The ski area of Maarianvaara is just a ten minute's drive away. The area's backwoods and Saarijärvi will provide excellent circumstances for cross-country skiing. When necessary and the snow conditions permitting, the ski track can be made to begin right from the yard of Laurinniemi.

Saarijärvi is a lake with hard bottom and lots of fish. All around the lake, there are beautiful pine woods. Around the lake there are some summer houses in private use. Narrow capes and ridges are typical in the area.

Laurinniemi is a summer house with all modern conveniences. A separate, roomy lakeside sauna with a large wooden patio and a causeway to the private sandy shore is part of the property.

In the main house of about a hundred square meters, there is all that is needed for a modern holiday. There are the same conveniences as in any detached house. The location is what makes the difference: the wilderness of Eastern Finland, where the sough in the hundred-year-old pines is often the only sound to be heard.

In Saarijärvi area, the typical wild animals of Eastern Finland are prevalent. The nature observation will begin with the closest tree on the yard...

Premises and Equipment

A modern WC, separate from the bathroom, a Hansgrohe-shower in the tiled bathroom, a unique sauna room of Sauli-sauna from Kouvola with a nice view to the lake from the window, glass door in the corner, curved roof, which in part ensures the enjoyable steam.

The house's sauna is heated with electricity. The sauna is controlled with a timer in the corridor.

The crown of the bathroom is the Balteco- whirlpool for two persons. From the little spa of the house, there is an exit straight into the large veranda, where the beautiful sunsets can be viewed.

The lakeside sauna is wood-heated. The large patio in front of the sauna is the best place for lounging on a summer day. A gas grill is also part of the equipment, and it can be used at the lakeside sauna or the house.

In the bathroom, there is also a laundry machine and space for drying the laundry, or e.g. the skiing equipment.

The size of the combined kitchen-living room is about 35 square meters. There is a kitchen, a fireplace, a table for six and a sofa-bed for two. In the space behind the fireplace, there are two more beds.

In the kitchen, there is also a dishwasher, a microwave oven, a fridge with a freeze box, and an electric oven with a stove. The kitchen and the whole house is well-aired by the ventilator, which is controlled by the hood.

From the bedroom window, there is a great view to the south, the lakeside sauna, and the lake. In the bedroom, the furniture is of oak. There is a television, a writing desk for remote workers, and lots of storage in the room.

To be in harmony with the surrounding nature was one of the main goals in designing Laurinniemi. Such shades were chosen for both the interior and exterior, which fit the surrounding natural shades.

The environmental issues have been taken seriously in Laurinniemi. All the water that is used is gathered into a tank of ten cubic meters, from which the water is regularly taken into the municipal sewage system.

Service and Prices


The family Havukainen and the lady of Laurinniemi, Sara- dog welcome all two- and four-legged guests!

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